Floor Plans

Inman Alley

contains a 41,141 square feet of commercial space divided into individual units. The building transformation included the addition of large window openings, skylights, balconies and patio spaces, exposed brick walls, and ceiling heights up to 21 feet. Units feature custom designed floor plans, private bathrooms, and individual control of heating and air systems. The property contains ample surface parking and lush landscaping on all sides. The property is also adjacent to the Atlanta Beltline.

Units may be combined
Unit Size (gsf) Status
Unit 100 4,386 Big Nerd Ranch
Unit 105 1,154 Avatar Communications
One Spot Marketing
Unit 120 2,579 Spots Films
Unit 125 1,811 Graffects
Unit 130 2,028 Everywhere
Unit 135 1,750 Pollock Commercial
Atlanta INtown
Unit 140 5,474 Twin Engines
Unit 150 1,876 HB2
Unit 160 1,780 House of Current
Unit 170 1,650 Square Feet Studio
Unit 180 1,743 The SuperGroup
Unit 185 4,948 The SuperGroup
Unit 190 2,226 Wit
Unit 200 7,095 Kevin Rathbun Steak